Cover design: horror comics books

Most of us have seen the horror comics, some of us were even interested in it. When we were little, they scared us, but as older we become, as more we interesting become and comics for us.   Some comics look really like artworks, especially their covers, that can not only impress, but even inspire […]

Perfect tools for web professionals

There is a variety of online resources and tools, which can make web design easy and quite understandable. Looking for such ones it’s difficult to choose the best, because Internet is full of them. So here is the list of perfect ones: Marketplace script gives a helping hand to those, who wants to start online […]

Trends: logo design

Creation of a logotype is such process, which needs special knowledge and understanding of trends in this sphere. Only taking into attention all up-to-date trends, designer can create something unique and interesting. Some trends are classical and they aren’t changing for years, but some are new every year. This year popular would be:

Best resources for designers

There are lots of useful websites for designers on the Internet, so creators have an opportunity to find everything they need. If you are not sure that you have enough skills to design something special, you’d better start practicing at design competitions to start to get something unique and fresh. A variety of resources really impress, but it’s […]

How to use your camera professionaly?

Photo art is one of the most popular nowadays and more and more people choose it like a hobby or like a profession. To make high quality pictures, you should take into attention a few rules, which are described below:

Photoshop: matte effect

Photoshop is one of the most widely used programs, when we talk about photo editing. It’s full of effects and it’s really difficult to know all of them, but some are used more often. Matte effect is in trends, so it’s necessary to know it’s main features and the way it’s created. How to add […]

Escape rooms and how getting locked up for fun became big business

I knew I used to be approximate to be locked in an area known as the cabin. I knew a serial killer lived there. I knew I had just 60 mins to get out. I knew my only danger of escape changed into uncovering hidden clues, cracking codes and running out a chain of puzzles. So I determined to […]