Having worked in the creative industry for over 3 years, I have gained the right experience, knowledge and motivation. I have always been very passionate about photography, computing and technology including graphic, logo and web design. I take pride in my imagination, creativity and original thinking. I wish to bring the myriad skills I have gained as a freelancer over past three years, to a company which will take full advantage of absolutely everything I can offer them, ideally in a junior or middleweight position.
During my freelance career I have developed a highly technical yet fluid working method that stands up well under pressure.
Time spent running my own company has given me excellent insight into what business owners and private customers really need and ways to meet those needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.For past year, I've been working for Event Films Ltd. - film production company, designing and developing printing and adverising materials, such as: posters, leaflets, brochures, logos ect. I work as a film plan photographer and retoucher as well.I participated in developing projects such as:
-Modified - feature sci-fi film, directed by Paul Cotrulia;-Space Precint Legacy - documentary film about British sci-fi TV series - Space Precint, directed by Paul Cotrulia;
-Aftermath - short sci-fi film, directed by Paul Cotrulia;
-Draugar - forthcoming short sci-fi film, directed by Paul Cotrulia;
-Infinite - forthcoming sci-fi series, directed by Paul Cotrulia;

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